Awesome geek game Untrusted - the Continuing Adventures of Dr. Eval

Untrusted is an awesome game brought to us by Alex Nisnevich and Greg Shuflin. Untrusted is an unique puzzle game designed for geeks and developers. The reason I said it is designed for geeks and developer is because to solve the puzzles in the game, you need to know or even to write some javascript.

Here is how the creators describe their baby:

Untrusted —or— the Continuing Adventures of Dr. Eval is an exciting Meta-Javascript Adventure Game wherein you guide the dashing, steadfast Dr. Eval through a mysterious MACHINE CONTINUUM, wherein, using only his trusty computer and the TURING-COMPLETE power of Javascript, he must literally ALTER HIS REALITY in order to find his freedom! You must literally edit and re-execute the very Javascript running the game in your browser to save Dr. Eval from this dark and confusing reality!

The description is a little bit hard to understand if you don’t touch the game. I’ll try to translate it a little bit:

In the game, to clear a level, you need to move your avatar to the exit. And just like other normal acarde game, you can control the your avatar, Dr. Eval using arrow keys. The intresting part of this game is that basically, you will always run into the a dead end if you just move Dr.Eval around without doing anything else. Luckily, you will be able to access the source code that creates the world and the rule in the world. To save yourself from the dead end, you need to change part the world/rule by hacking the source code.

The game isn’t that hard if you have some coding experience and is familiar with javascript concepts. And learn from the passed level is very important, since you might find either useful hints or even code to solve your current problem.

NOTE Besides the puzzle and the code, the music of each level is also great! 8Bit music in different style! Really awesome!

Insterested? Here is the port lead to the game: Untrusted

Hints and Walkthrough

I attached my hints and solutions below, is case if you run into trouble.

I have extract the walkthrough into another post.

Here is the link to the walkthrough: Walkthrough